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Be your own Google

Commerce websites like yours get a lot of visitors, but only 5% complete a transaction. The other 95% are researching and shopping – using your site as a search engine.

How you and your users benefit from <intent> Media:

  • Unlock a new profit stream

    Tap into the value of the 95% of users who don't purchase on your site. Show ads targeted to specific search criteria.

  • Protect transaction revenue

    Drive ad revenue from users who aren't going to convert. Protect conversions from users who will. Machine learning ensures accuracy.

  • Better shopping experiences

    Help comparison shoppers complete their research by providing an easy way to discover retailer and price alternatives.

Our ads

Our market-leading comparison shopping ads are precisely targeted to users in research mode using their specific intent parameters.

  • Full suite of placements

    Different placements for every scenario

  • Product categories

    Flights, hotels, cars and packages

  • Design & placement

    Customized and IAB-standard

  • Where ads run

    Homepage, search result and product detail pages

  • Supported devices

    Desktop, tablet and mobile

  • Participating advertisers

    Online travel agencies, metasearch sites and travel suppliers

Why choose <intent> Media?

  • The premium travel-site network

    The exceptional network of our travel sites provide advertisers access to millions of valuable travel shoppers.

    The result? Maximum advertiser demand for your ad inventory.

  • Data driven ad placements

    Machine learning determines when placements appear leading to a performance rate 30X better than traditional display ads.

    The result? Maximum engagement rates for your ads.

  • You’ll love working with us

    Our cutting edge infrastructure is optimized for speed and accuracy in order to efficiently monetize users.

    The result? Maximum benefit to your transactional revenue and your bottom line.

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